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Smithtown Lodge Address: 34 River Road, Smithtown, NY 11787 USA Tel. 631.265.9815
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Grand Lodge of New York

The following is a brief history of our Lodge

In the Fall of 1942, the Smithtown Square Club was organized by sojourners and, on November 17, 1947, a petition was signed by 22 of its members and presented to Grand Lodge for Dispensation to form a Lodge. This was granted June 25, 1948.

On October 15, 1948, the first meeting was held in Northport, NY, and the first officers were installed.

At the next meeting in St. James, these officers assumed their stations with 62 affiliated Masons.

On June 10, 1949, M.W. Charles W. Frossel presented the Charter and instituted Smithtown Lodge No. 1127, with 77 members.
Lodge Room
In November, 1949, the site for the Temple was secured, and on the November 8, 1951, the ground was broken.

The first meeting was held in the Temple, September 10, 1952. The Dedication was held on October 22, 1954, and the cornerstone was laid by M.W. Raymond C. Ellis, Grand Master.
Lodge Room
Lodge Room
Lodge Room
March 25, 1959, plans were presented for the second floor addition to the Temple. The 215th Communications was held there on June 22, 1960, with a membership of 255.
Lodge Room
We are proud of our history because so much of ourselves has gone into them. It has taken a great deal of hard work to survive and grow. There have been financial crises, which have been solved through the sale of bonds, and by donations form many wonderful Brothers. Our greatest assets were and continue to be, are the Brothers and Sisters, who give a great deal of their time to labor for the benefit of the Lodge, and of the Brothers and Sisters, who will follow them. There has been much fun, and many good times together, even with all of the hard work of building, painting, and landscaping. A fine example of the spirit that has existed, and the capacity for fun was the Minstrel Shows, that were held in York Hall on the Kinds Park State Hospital grounds. These shows did much to benefit the Masonic Cause in the Smithtown.

To better appreciate where we are today, we must turn back the time with a brief account of Masonry in Smithtown Township.

Masonry in Smithtown far predates our brief history here. The Charter, authorizing the organization of Suffolk Lodge, was dated March 9, 1797, at a meeting held at the Blydenburg House in Smithtown. Suffolk Lodge is now located in Port Jefferson.

In the early years, about 1939 through 1949, the only active Masonic organization in Smithtown was the Smithtown Township Square Club. This Square Club was organized in Kinds Park in 1939, and the first member met in Patiky’s Department Store on Main Street. This Square Club soon grew to about 100 members. A Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Square Club was soon to follow. The Ladies proved to be of great help in many ways.

Members of this Square Club wore blue hats with a square and compass, the number 946 (the charter number granted this Square Club by the National Square Club), and the wording “Smithtown Club of L.I.” These hats were worn at parades and many public functions, and served to make the Square Club and Masonry known. The also helped to impress upon the Masons the need for a Lodge in Smithtown. This Club had no easy task. A National head tax, of about $100.00 a year, had to be met, along with many other expenses. Before long, the meetings of the Club were being held at the diner owned by Brother John Angelides. This diner was situated where the billiard parlor is now, on the north side of Main Street, about half block east of the Bank of Smithtown.
Lodge Room
Lodge Room
Lodge Room
This Square Club was an organization of great spirit, and was active in putting on degrees in other Lodges, as well as in their labors to start a Lodge in Smithtown. This spirit continues on through 1948, when Smithtown Lodge No. 1127 received its dispensation, and in 1949, when the Lodge received its Charter. R.W. Harry Beckman, who was President of the Square Club, became the first Master of Smithtown Lodge, and was greatly responsible for getting Smithtown its dispensation.

The year 1952 saw our Temple completed sufficiently for occupancy, at a cost exceeding $40,000.00, thanks to the unceasing efforts of the Temple Building Program Committee.

Not many nights go by now with the Temple’s door closed. Our Masonic Family, consisting of the Lodge, the Easter Star, the Amaranth, the Royal Arch, the Council, DeMolay, and the Triangle, make good use of the Temple.

By Bro. John Hawkins, Historian
By W. Ralph H. Larsen, Historian